What Is A Whirlpool Bath And It’s Benefits?


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A whirlpool bath, commonly called a Jacuzzi, is a bath tub that offers a great wholesome deep tissue massage by pumping and circulating the baths water in and out the bath via massage jets. There sometimes referred to as Jacuzzi baths because ‘Jacuzzi’ was the first brand that brought us these types of tubs using these massaging jets systems.

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How does it work?

There are jets on the sides of the tub that help move the water around and this is what causes the massaging sensation. A few minutes of soaking in the tub is more than enough to sooth tense muscles in the entire body and instantly make the bather feel the water massage benefit.

Weren’t These Luxuries Before?

In the old days, only 5-star hotels could offer this service to their customers. Lately, however, with the advance in technology and the availability of small more practical systems, manufacturers have started to target homeowners. Consumers were open to the idea as well because the relaxation and health benefits these whirlpool jets give is too good to pass up.

What Benefits Can One Get?

First and foremost, bodily relief from aches and strains will be experienced. Just a few minutes inside the whirlpool bath is all that is required as the water’s movement will stimulate your blood flow and help minerals reach and circulate all the parts of the body. This helps spread energy all throughout which is then used to relieve muscles and deliver oxygen to the skin. An added effect of this improved blood flow is that cellulite in the body is reduced due to the ease that blood gets from one place to another carrying white blood cells and shifting toxins on the way.

Aside from the physiological benefits, one also benefits from the Jacuzzi socially. Depending on the model you buy, you may be able to fit 2-6 persons. That makes for a great social gathering with the family or with friends. While everyone is relaxing, you can share stories and entertain one another or simply enjoy each other’s company while resting.

What Features Do These Come With?

Entertainment and relaxation go hand in hand. As such, there are whirlpool baths that come with radios and speakers included. Some even come with auxiliary ports so you can hook up your iPod, MP3 player, bluetooth and other audio devices. For those who prefer a quiet environment but want to spice things up, chromo therapy and mood lights can also be installed for that extra bit of bling.

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Why Install this At Home?

While you are free to enjoy the whirlpool bath at other establishments such as spas and hotels, it would be a lot better if you had your own. You wouldn’t need to worry about other people using it and disturbing your peace as you sit back and relax. Likewise, you can relax instantly at home instead of having to travel from the hotel or spa and ending up tired at home from the time spent traveling.

Article Written by Andrew Ellis, whirlpool hydrotherapy practitioner for over 12 years. If you liked this article and what to see more articles by the author you can view them here, at my whirlpool bath blog

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