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Yes, roaches can bite humans as well as animals especially if they are in desperate need for food. However, cockroach bites are also rare. Roaches do not view humans or animals as potential food source, and they do not feel the need to bite people. Cockroach bites only occur if the roach infestation in an area has grown out of control. If a certain area is infested with roaches, there will be a higher chance of getting bitten by this insect while sleeping. The body areas that are usually bitten by roaches are the face, hands, and fingers.

What Are The Symptoms of Cockroach Bites?

Cockroaches eat plants and meat. There have been reports wherein roaches bite human flesh, and they are more likely to bite fingernails, feet, and hands. Although the roach bite cases are numerous, they are not all serious. Cockroach bites appear as red bumps on the skin, which is quite similar to mosquito bites. However, the bites are larger, may scab over, and the bites may appear in a cluster on one area of the body.

The bites cause irritation, swelling, and abrasion. There are some individuals who have suffered from infection and allergic reactions, especially those who are more sensitive. The signs and symptoms of a severe reaction to roach bites include difficulty breathing, nausea, facial swelling, abdominal pain, and deterioration of blood circulation.

First Aid Treatment For Cockroach Bites

A cockroach bite will typically heal on its own in a few days without the need for treatment. If the bite causes irritation and itchiness, you can soothe the red area like you would with any other insect bite. It is advisable to clean the bump with plain water, a mild soap, and an anti-bacterial agent. This will prevent potential bacterial infection from developing. You can also use ice and place it directly on the red bump since this will prevent severe swelling.

Although roach bites are often itchy, you must refrain from scratching it since this can lead to bleeding, infection, and scars. When you experience itchiness, you can apply calamine lotion because it can reduce swelling, irritation, and itching. If the bite is open or if there’s an open wound, you must keep the area clean and sanitized. You must prevent the roach bite from becoming infected since it can lead to further problems. In case you suffer from severe allergic reaction, you must immediately consult your doctor. You can also call 911 for immediately medical assistance, especially if the symptoms include difficulty breathing, swelling of the lips and throat, rapid heartbeat, hives, and vomiting.

How To Prevent Roach Bites

The best approach to preventing roach bites is to prevent cockroach infestation in your property. It is crucial that you take necessary measures to eliminate the infestation and prevent the growth of cockroaches in your home. Here are some basic tips that can prevent cockroaches from dwelling in your property:

  • Clean your house thoroughly at least once a week
  • Clean the areas where you usually prepare the food and where you eat
  • Pay attention to our stove, fridge, toaster, and other appliances
  • Do not leave food scraps out in the open, and seal pet foods in containers
  • Clean up food spills immediately

You can also consider these cockroach solutions to get rid of your roach problem.

  • Boric Acid Powder: This solution has been used for many years to kill cockroaches. You can simply sprinkle the powder around the corners of rooms and in areas where food and water are found. The roaches will die once they ingest the powder while preening themselves.
  • Roach-Bait Balls: You can mix the ¼ cup of shortening and 1/8 cup of sugar until it is creamy. Add the 8 ounces of boric acid powder and half cup of flour together with the shortening mixture. Pour just enough water to turn the mixture into soft dough and shape it into small balls. You can then place these bait balls in areas where you have seen cockroaches such as the refrigerator, sinks, and inside bathrooms.
  • Professional roach exterminator: A professional roach exterminator can inspect your home for roach infestation, and they can determine the seriousness of the problem. They can also offer you with pest control solutions that will solve your roach problems immediately.

Although cockroaches do not typically bite humans and animals, it is still important to stop infestation in your home. These nasty creatures can still spread diseases, which can be harmful for those living in your property.


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